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Fast-Fashion Guilt Changing Shopping Habits, Survey Says

One in five British women admits to feeling guilty when buying new clothing, according to a report by Patatam, a French company that bills itself as the …Read more

Shoppers admit to feeling guilty for buying fast fashion

Women are now avoiding buying new clothes from fast-fashion guilt is now influencing shopping habits as almost two in three 68 per cent participants said theyd happily buy second-hand and preloved items These statistics highlight a significant
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Fast fashions sad cycle of compulsive shopping guilt and regret has spread to Asia

A new report by Greenpeace suggests the cycle enabled by cheap fast fashion is already and Germany to survey at least 1000 representative consumers from each country about their shopping habits The respondents all of whom were between the ages
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How often do you return clothes

I return more than half of my fast-fashion purchases either out of guilt unmet expectations or a sudden burst If theres one thing retailers have learned from consumer shopping habits its that a no-stress return policy can be a vital retention
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Sun readers prove theyre on a mission to save the planet by changing lifestyle

CARING Sun readers are changing their habits to save the wanted to reduce the impact of her shopping habit She started swapping clothes on online exchange sites rather than buying them new Tajinder says Fast fashion has created a throwaway
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The unexpected and unavoidable consequences of living with climate change

A New York Times survey of young adults in America last year found 33 per cent had or were expecting to have fewer children than expected because they were worried about climate change we feel good wearing cheap fast fashion items and ignore the
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Fast fashion damages the environment how ASU students and staff are fighting it

The perpetrator in most of this emission is a specific component of the fashion industry fast fashion change that will force their hand Witte said In the face of this seemingly unbeatable phenomenon many turn to the shopping habits of
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