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Fashion Show Reflects Wealth of North Lawndale

When Blanche Suggs-Killingsworth looks around North Lawndale, all she sees is home. Though she's lived in other parts of Chicago, she often finds …Read more

Tune in Tonight for July 9

Sometimes it takes a show as dumb as Love Island 7 pm CBS Chrissy Teigen and Jeff Foxworthy evaluate up-and-coming comedy talent from every genre Teigen is a fashion model Whats she doing here Another new competition series The
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Inside the world of Chinas ultra rich

Many of the fuerdai are spending their families wealth in North American cities Many of their kids go to school in supercars and wear the latest in luxury fashion This show was created to celebrate the evolution of Chinese in Canada
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Deco Drive marks 20 years of dishing about South Florida celebrities culture

We like to keep things changing for our viewers and keep things interesting said Alice Jacobs vice president of news at the North Bay Village film and fashion hub the show found its footing and audience along with a wealth of celebrities to
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Violent crime in black neighborhoods price of debts unpaid

More than a tale of two cities those contradictory images reflect a perplexing refusal to recognize Contract sellers became rich North Lawndale became a ghetto he noted Clyde Ross still lives there he is 91 Ross is a historical figure
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Childrens fashion small people big business

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at a Paris fashion week show with baby North West Photograph That means spending as much as they can afford when the cost reflects sustainable manufacture natural fabrics and good-quality cuts which will wear well
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The Finance 202 Trump v US Chamber shows just how much Washington is changing

After Myron Brilliant the Chambers head of international affairs appeared on the show and criticized Trumps weaponization Congress to ratify the administrations reworked North American trade pact One top trade association official
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