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Fashion Fridays: 5 casual summer dress styles

This Fashion Friday is all about finding casual summer dress styles for your body type. Canadian stylist Kim XO Applet swears by dresses in the …Read more

Want to ace DU fashion Fashion pros tell us whats in vogue

While every fuchcha would want an entry like that the fashion Trends that work are flowy airy kurtas dresses and tops-paired with loose pants Wide pants are trending right now and girls should take full advantage of that this summer
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Fashion Special Trinnys guide to ageless style

Ive been doing makeovers for 30 years but Im still surprised when I hear women tell me that they cant wear certain styles colours or fabrics after the age of 50 Im here to tell you to rip up that old-fashioned rule book Fashion no longer
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Fashion frenzy Stars showing us how to rock weekend outfits

From Mawra Hocane and Hareem Farooqs fun-filled traditional looks Sabeeka Imam showing us how to rock a casual dress style choice for a more formal daytime event during the summer
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5 Affordable Ways to Steal a French Girls Easy Summer Style

From Ralisation Pars Instagram-famous wrap dresses to Roujes real-deal basics here are five affordable ways to channel summer style along the Seine Rouje by Jeanne Damas roujeJeanne Damas practically defines modern French-girl style and her
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And Now the Most Popular Dresses of the Summer

Ah summerthe season of weekend BBQs lazing by the pool Friday afternoons wedding or a casual day at the beacha chic and easy summer frock will get you through every occasion on your google calendar So what dress trends are all the cool
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Who Started Casual Fridays

For employees at the mercy of an office thermostat Casual Fridays provide some much-needed relief during frigid winters and the scorching months of summer Though many offices are beginning to loosen their dress codes permanently plenty of employees
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