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Farouk Hosni: Art is the antipode of terrorism

The Egyptian artist and former official says politics stunts creativity and that officials of culture in the Arab countries should clearly and distinctly …Read more

Cairo Journal Thats Entertainment But Is It Blasphemy Too

The Egyptian actor Adel Imam stumbling into a Government office in his new movie Terrorism and Kebab is confronted make us see by the flame of one candle Culture Minister Farouk Hosni said But by taking on the Egyptian film industry which
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A century of Islamic art for all

Culture Minister Farouk Hosni expressed his pleasure at what had to the whole globe showing that Islam was not a religion of terror as some tried to put about but that it supported the arts and encouraged skills and crafts This is really shown
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Mubaraks Fatal Mistake

The very idea of revolution as enshrined in the US constitution itself is now outlawed as terrorism As a North American ex-minister of culture Farouk Hosni and ex-minister of finance Youssef Boutros Ghali Nazif can now reconvene his cabinet
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Commentary Explosive kaleidoscope

Jordans King Abdullah and Egypts President Hosni Mubarak are determined to keep the Islamists at bay — and out of government In Lebanon Hezbollah an Iranian-funded armed Islamist proxy and a sponsor of terrorism King Farouk was seen off
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Ramadan serials court controversy

In recent years Arab governments have endorsed the dramatisation of several issues particularly terrorism as a means to raise awareness In the Egyptian-Syrian joint production King Farouk the producers have promised a new reading of Egypt s
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Is the Arab world ready for a literary revolution

I knew that the Nasrid dynasty who beautified the palace and lost it and their realm to the Christian armies of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492 had with fateful false modesty plastered this final jewel of Muslim art in Spain with the family motto
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