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Families seek answers for US rise in childhood cancers

Parents whose children have died from cancer are teaming up with scientists to study any correlations between toxicants and illness. Richard Luscombe in Miami Beach. @richlusc. Tue 30 Jul 2019 03.00 EDT Last modified on Tue 30 Jul 2019 03.01 EDT.Read more

The Evans Family Discusses Faith & Loss


This Is Not The End – Inspiring Speech On Depression & Mental Health

'I Was My Dad's Sex Slave; Anything He Wanted, I Had To Do'

Families seek answers for US rise in childhood cancers

Simon Strong and Vilma Tarazona Strong lost their 12-year-old son Oliver to pediatric cancer four years ago Photograph Maria Alejandra CardonaThe Guardian Soccer was a huge passion in Oliver Strongs young life Right up to his death from acute
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My Advice for Talking About Your Childs Cancer With Their Healthy Siblings

We talk to them about hard topics encourage them to ask us questions provide age-appropriate honest answers related to the topic at bay By talking with your children and your family navigate the unknown difficulties that a cancer diagnoses
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Dr Kurt Isselbacher world leader in gastroenterology and former head of MGH Cancer Center dies at 93

His rise cancer researchers his advice and mentoring were sought just as often by his children and grandchildren Every word out of his mouth was so full of wisdom You just wanted to record it all Eric said He was truly the rock of the
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Watsons and Prenetics Pioneer Revolutionary Personalised Preventive Digital Healthcare with Partnership in Asia

Designed for those who seek the starting a family Individuals can find out if they and their partner carry inherited conditions that they might pass on to their unborn child
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How Ontarios new regional health teams will operate is anyones guess in low-rules environment

For many agencies like ours the answer is Yes as much as possible he said We would rather be on the forefront of something new and hopefully have our voices heard rather than jump on board later and have someone else try to fit us in Whatever the
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Postcode lottery for vital drugs Britains priorities are all wrong

On the same day as reading about the postcode lottery I read we have spent 21million on a project to link British children with those in developing The report also revealed an eight per cent rise in the amount of aid cash lost through fraud to
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