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Facebook fact-checkers urgently needed for Instagram, charity warns

An organisation tasked with fighting misinformation on Facebook has said oversight needs to be ramped up on the company’s sister platform, Instagram. Facebook has been asked to share more data with third-party fact-checkers in a bid to tackle the ongoing …Read more

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10 Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full of Toxins

Tucker: Big tech has launched an attack on your rights

The Economy Is ABOUT TO CRASH!!! Senator Warren Sounds The Alarm

Mental health UK could ban social media over suicide images minister warns

Facebook which owns Instagram said earlier it was deeply sorry The internet giant said graphic content which sensationalises self-harm and suicide has no place on our platform Papyrus a charity more action is urgently needed
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Schools should teach dangers of livestreaming

More than a quarter 28 per cent of 10-year-olds and more than half 57 per cent of 12-year-olds said they had livestreamed content on the internet according to a poll by the childrens charity Barnardos The charity warns that as well as
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Charity warns 13000 people will be homeless across Ireland this Christmas

Up to 13000 people will be homeless across Ireland this Christmas a charity has warned The housing department yesterday confirmed 5999 adults and 3725 children presented themselves as in need urgent action You can like our main Facebook
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New laws may be needed to police online content says bereaved father

Google and Facebook which owns Instagram he said I welcome that you have already taken important steps and developed some capabilities to remove harmful content But I know you will agree that more action is urgently needed It is appalling how
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UK sets out safety-focused plan to regulate internet firms

Childrens charity the NSPCC has called for more regulation It is in Facebooks business interest UK startup industry association techUK also put out a response statement that warns about the need to avoid disproportionate impacts
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Tragedy after tragedy shows internet giants must take action on suicide posts

Social media expert Stephen Parker says the Government is right to put pressure on the internet giants – but warns and Facebook which owns Instagram Mr Hancock welcomed steps already taken by firms but said more action is urgently needed
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