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Experts underline need to locate undiagnosed patients of hepatitis

Islamabad : Worldwide, 300 million people are living with viral hepatitis, totally unaware. Without finding the undiagnosed and linking them to care, millions will continue to suffer and die. Dr. Nadeem Iqbal, gastroenterologist at Shifa International Hospital …Read more

Chinese-Australians prone to undiagnosed cases of Hepatitis B

Up to eight per cent of Australians born in China have Hepatitis B much higher than the general population Community leaders and health experts launched a campaign afraid that if they do the test and they find out they are a Hepatitis B carrier
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Need to deal with poor healthcare practices stressed

This years theme is find the missing millions of undiagnosed people suffering from Pakistan is the country with the most number of hepatitis patients Therefore there is a need to spread awareness about the disease
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Homeless drug users are being left to die doctors warn

Dr Lambert said the HSE had turned a blind eye to sufferers in the community many of them homeless drug users who tend to lead chaotic lifestyles and find patients were being chosen by clinicians for hepatitis C treatment based on clinical
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Scientists sceptical about device that remotely detects hepatitis C

The device was conceived by Brigadier Ahmed Amien an engineer and bomb detection expert hepatitis sufferers The majority of sufferers remain undiagnosed often owing to the expense of existing procedures In Egypt Shiha estimates that 60 of
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UK elimination of hepatitis C in jeopardy unless more patients found

To make the 2030 elimination target at least 10000 patients need to be treated each year and there are already signs that it is becoming harder to find experts Its report is expected in early 2018 Finding the undiagnosed is not an easy task
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Patient associations a key catalyst for hepatitis advocacy and impact

The experts in the European Liver Patients Association or strategies for how to find the 350 million yet-undiagnosed people living with chronic viral hepatitis Additionally there are specific areas of prevention that need more research
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