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Experiencing Okinawa: Some lessons in cultural 'arts'

Okinawa Island, the main island of the coral island chain that makes up Japan's southernmost prefecture, is a beautiful, varied place, offering diving …Read more

Experiencing Okinawa Some lessons in cultural arts

If youve already been practicing karate for some period you can have your proficiency level tested and confirmed as well Group karate lesson with black belt children as teachers Photo TAKUJI MACHIDA In Okinawa karate was taught as a school subject
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Okinawas WWII history Bunkers and battlefields

Editors Note CNN Travels series into units of the Okinawa Army Field Hospital serving the Japanese Imperial Army Based in a cave network they worked in wretched conditions living in miserable and dirty wards experiencing the horrifying
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Secrets out on tropical island getaway

Flights within Okinawa prefecture leave from Naha and Ishigaki – though nearby isles are linked by high-speed ferries Some Australian travel agents Another option homestays experiencing a lifestyle blending tradition with modern conveniences
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Elementary students on Okinawa celebrate Hispanic culture

CAMP KINSER Okinawa Almost 100 students at Kinser one of Kinsers Spanish immersion teachers Short lessons were held on each country followed by experiencing parts of that culture like ethnic food crafts even dancing Marisol Concepcion
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Ken Theriault Wholesale retailers relish ongoing success in Japan

The warehouses have acted as catalysts for economic growth and development in some areas Tsukuba and Kobe are among them according to Theriault when probed before he added that in places like Okinawa begin piano lessons in early childhood but
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Wolfpack strengthens their training

Charlie Company 3rd LAR was in Okinawa during OIF 1 and was attached and consideration is given to employing the lessons learned from the observations similar Marine units are experiencing in-theater right now explained Capt Benjamin K
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