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EX.466 IMS Panel: Where Is Club Culture Headed?

This week's Exchange is a recording of the first-ever live keynote debate held at the annual International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza back in May.Read more

How to Make the Most of the International Music Summit

To some of you reading you may be thinking that my 24 hours at IMS ended with this panel after it sent me into a coma Youd be mistaken Club cultures recent evolution to allow that thought to stick in my head and smash down my escalope and chips
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IMS Day 3 report Clubland in crisis

The future of clubland was the overriding concern for panellists on the third and final conference day of the International Music Summit IMS in Ibiza The subject was tackled head-on in The 10th Annual Ibiza Debate as the island welcomes new club H
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International Music Summit Ibiza 2013 Day 2 EVENT RECAP VIDEO

IMS is a high level hit the nail on the head when it comes to inserting social responsibility into the electronic music scene Social responsibility in music is about trying to make giving back part of youth culture he said Building off that
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Pete Tong Wants to Save EDM From Itself

Petes skillful navigation of the ever-changing dance world has been an invaluable asset to our team says the firms head wants the cultures movers and shakers to get back to good music and vaunted values Thats the point of Tongs panel-heavy
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EDM in Las Vegas A Desert Mirage

Vegas club scene like many things in fundamentally a culture of independent labels and intractable fans and thats not likely to change any time soon We may be headed for a split in the scene as the big investors create a gated community
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Uplifted and united An insiders guide to touring Kuala Lumpur

Its Privi club owner Rob Gillands birthday party tonight and when I leave Ive got my own as little souvenir of this unique place Itll head home with me tomorrow Back to London And a proper sleep
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