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Events: Jobs, Education, Local Deals, Real Estate

Jobs, education, local deals, and real estate properties should log the events listed in this article and the events for all properties. Logging events …Read more

Buying or selling a home in Summit County You need a local mountain guide

local expertise to guide you through your real estate journey An expert guide Buying a home usually requires dozens of forms reports disclosures and other technical documents A knowledgeable expert will help you prepare the best deal and avoid delays
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Detroiters March For Green New Deal Ahead Of Democratic Debate

The protest marked one of the most confrontational demands for a Green New Deal in months as local groups legacy gives the call real teeth Powerful construction unions that depend on the fossil fuel industry for lucrative jobs have publicly opposed
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If the economy falters local companies are prepared

More broadly what are your greatest concerns for the local economy in the event of a downturn well-diversified but tourism and real estate two important sectors are vulnerable in a recession Healthcare and education on the other hand tend
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Eastside homes host second weekend of Passport to Luxury event

During the event visitors explored each new luxury home and received president and CEO of RSIR These are unique real-estate microclimates that are bucking the regional trends and values are continuing to expand With several more contracts
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Local Opinion Trump has revived American dream for Latinos other immigrants

President Trump had to strike a deal with the president of Mexico due According to the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals our ethnic group is experiencing the largest
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Close Encounters Of The CRE Kind The Fabulous Real Estate Of NASA

Want to get a jump-start on upcoming deals Meet the major players at one of our upcoming national events The 50th anniversary celebration ones would never have been possible without real estate on Earth NASA facilities nationwide
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