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Even The Avengers: Endgame Writers Admit Time Travel Is Ludicrous

In order to combat any naysayers, Avengers: Endgame poked fun at myriad time travel movies, in hilarious moments of self-awareness. So it might not …Read more

Even The Avengers Endgame Writers Admit Time Travel Is Ludicrous

Avengers Endgame arrived in theaters back in April and the general public still hasnt stopped discussing and dissecting every frame of the massive blockbusters The Russo Brothers did the impossible crafting a complicated narrative that was deeply
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The Russo Brothers Seem To Have Forgotten What The Captain America Movies Were About

Avengers Endgame is finally available to watch from the comfort of your living room and naturally in addition to the three-and-a-half-hours of confusing time travel and hey remember its not even the part of the story the Russo Brothers themselves
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Avengers Endgame writers admit time-travel plot was so confusing they had to shoot new scenes to explain it

Warning Major Avengers Even with the filmmakers trying to explicitly spell out the mechanics of time travel the Endgame end product still led to plenty of confusion and debate including among the filmmakers themselves Markus and McFeely admit
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Does Avengers Endgames plan to defeat Thanos make any sense We discuss

Below three Vox culture writers who vary when it comes to how much they enjoy Avengers an exercise wheel Even Endgame knows this and throws a bunch of comedic shade at other movies that mess with viewers heads about time travel
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Game of Thrones failure shows why Avengers Endgame was so magnificent

Editors Note Spoilers for Avengers Endgame and what went so wrong for Game of Thrones really comes down to the most important part of any story The characters In Endgame even as they held up this precarious house of cards littered with time
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A Massive Disturbing Look Inside A Marvel Superfans Crumbling Mind In The Final Hours Before Avengers Endgame

Its fucked up to admit but watching these conversations unfold but thats all going to be solved in probably four-to-five minutes of Endgame screen time so even that Avengers-shattering consequence is not going to end up having too much of
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