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Europa Capital and ARC Real Estate Partners acquire EUR35m in assets for new Dutch light …

Europa Capital and ARC Real Estate Partners have completed the acquisition of two light-industrial portfolios in the Netherlands on behalf of Europa …Read more

A final word on Marshalls comments

By ducking reporters and making a mockery of an interview setting the real people Marshall is insulting are you guys the fans Right Dont you want to know how Marshall has been affected by the suspension if he learned his lesson about practice
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Nonprofits May Find Greater Success Connecting Through Stories

The ways we can be bombarded with information have exploded to include not only the panoply of traditional media but also dozens of new digital and social media storytelling rather than searching for the arc or pattern Nonprofits can be guilty of
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Why I Support Student Fossil-Fuel Divestment Campaigns

Like many colleges and universities students at the University of Michigan are advocating for the University to divest itself of fossil fuel assets Specifically climate science itself implies that the real need is to focus on rebalancing the global
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