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Epic Games Store Denying Games Because They Are “Looking for Exclusives”

Epic Games is a video game publishing company that gets hate for a variety of reasons. A lot of players don’t prefer the company’s distribution platform, the Epic Games Store, due to its lack of features and difficult policy. A lot of players also get put off by its …Read more

Epic Games Denies Hurting Cyberpunk 2077 or CD Projekt PC Store, SLAMS Valve's Steam Sale…

Epic Founder Says Store Exclusives Are The Only Way To Improve Steam & The PC Market

Epic Games Store Fail Update: Purchase History Broken and Tim Sweeney Responds

Let's Talk About How Epic Games Pissed Everyone Off With Its Epic Store Mega Sale

Epic Games Store Denying Games Because They Are Looking for Exclusives

Epic Games is a video game publishing company that gets hate for a variety of reasons A lot of players dont prefer the companys distribution platform the Epic Games Store due to its lack
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Epic Games Store Responds To Spyware Accusations

something Epic has denied multiple times Epics Game Stores exclusivity deals have lead to controversy lately with many people believing that the practice is anti-consumer though it is very common in the games industry Because of this its difficult
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The fury over the Epic Games Store explained

In December 2018 Epic Games makers of Fortnite and the Unreal game development engine launched the Epic Games Store Why should they be denied access to a game on a more robust platform like Steam Why Because Epic and its business partners say
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Epic Games says its store doesnt mine users Steam data without permission

A hot potato Epic Games has denied claims that its store launcher accesses users As for the root certificate and cookies Vogel said they were a result of normal web browser start up because most of the launchers UI uses web technology
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Epic Games Store sale could steal Steams thunder with big discounts like 45 off Metro Exodus

The so-called Epic Mega Sale has just begun on Epics online games store though because on top of whatever discount the publisher is offering Epic is also cutting a further 10 or 10 off all games providing they cost more than 1399
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China is the next battleground for Epic and Steam but why havent they been banned

Not only can Chinese gamers now play Fortnite or buy any of the Epic Store exclusives that were previously unavailable to themoften at extremely reduced pricesthey even of Epic Games Though Epic boss Tim Sweeney has explicitly denied that
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