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Epic Games Store “Bringing New Generation To PC Games” – Housemarque

Epic Games has used the money from Fortnite to make its own store. The Epic Games Store is not very popular with fans that already use steam. That is because the store has taken away some games that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Tom Clancy’s …Read more

IBMs quantum computer is trying its hand at video game design

A number of high-profile game developers and jammers are expected to attend including developers from Epic Games Helsinki Housemarque and Supercell which works with bits ones and zeros that store memory on a standard computer
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Debbie Bestwicks roller coaster journey at Worms publisher Team17

Debbie Bestwick has been in the games business for 31 years and she has known nothing else Starting with her first job in a game store in the United Kingdom working with those great creators Epic Housemarque We could have continued like that
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The Rebirth of the 2D Platformer

DKC Returns and Kirbys Epic Yarn to name a few times as many horrible licensed games like Astro Boy The Video Game not the Treasure one and Despicable Me many of which wouldnt pass muster on the iOS App store Turning back to PC PS3 and 360
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Sound Byte Meet the Composer – Ari Pulkkinen

Update Weve corrected Ari Pulkkinens name in the article Somehow I always knew I would be involved in video games even though the Angry Birds theme is a successful and popular tune I am certain that it will not be the last GS Who are your
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Feature What Does the PS4s Launch Lineup Look Like

One of the first games to be given away free with PlayStation Plus subscriptions Now updated for the PS4 this free-to-play download will allow you to create your own superhero and embark on epic quests involving some of the most famous characters
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How Team 17 has grown from that worms studio to one of the hottest publishers in the business

We were quick to bring our games to the likes of Xbox Live Arcade and the App Store and thats helped to bring working with the likes of Housemarque on Super Stardust and Epic on Silverball Towards the end of 2013 I was looking for a new challenge
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