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Ellen MacArthur: Fashion's linear production model is dead

One of fashion's more influential changemakers doesn't live in a traditional style capital nor a booming city like Shanghai. Instead, Ellen MacArthur …Read more

ODH Lightning Rounds 2018

Ecology | Wikipedia audio article

UC Berkeley | Wikipedia audio article

University of California, Berkeley | Wikipedia audio article

Davos 2013 taking the circular economy to scale

If you want to see the equivalent in the world of business look no further than Ellen MacArthur who plans to corral 100 to mainstream the idea that we need to move from a linear model of production and consumption to a closed loop system in which
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We should design businesses like circles not straight lines

In fact circular business models eradicate the barriers between production product and consumer In his manifesto Musk describes a model in which the means As Joe Iles at the Ellen MacArthur foundation wrote In the pre-digital world we used
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Stella McCartney is on a quest to save you from the fashion industry

Her friend the designer Tom Ford once gave her a tour of his studio extolling every kind of dead-animal skin In recent years the brand has worked closely with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation a leading advocate for the circular economy radically
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Regenerative agriculture how it works on the ground

Laguna Blancas model of regenerative farming demonstrates that regenerative food production can be practiced at large In January 2019 the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched an ambitious multi-stakeholder initiative with the aim of shifting the
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Parent-reported Language and Communication Skills at One and Two Years of Age in Relation to Otitis Media in the First Two Years of Life

For each child also 1 or both parents completed the MacArthur Communicative Development Inventory After adjustment for sociodemographic variables only the Vocabulary Production Scale of the CDIWS remained correlated significantly with the
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Is there a circular solution to the worlds food problems

ROME The pesticide exposure antibiotic resistance air and water pollution and other factors caused by industrial food production sailor Ellen MacArthur Redesigning the food industry into a so-called circular economy model would reduce
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