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Electronic Arts' core franchises delivered while Apex Legends reloaded

Electronic Arts had a strong first quarter of its fiscal 2020. The publisher generated $743 million in revenue, which beat Wall Street's expectations.Read more

Electronic Arts core franchises delivered while Apex Legends reloaded

While Wilson mentioned Apex Legends We delivered operating results significantly above our expectations driven by broad strength across our core franchises EA chief financial and
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Warhammer Online Re-Review

While this may all seem minor in comparison to what has been lost the correct steps are being taken to keep the WAR alive The current version of WAR 134 has delivered some promising additions such as the Scenario Rewards System which included the
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Steve Perkins Joins Team

A seven-year veteran of the computer and videogame industry Perkins recently served in the same capacity at Electronic Arts leading the marketing for numerous titles including the Battlefield franchise In his new role Perkins will oversee all aspects
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