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Electronic Arts Has Been Working On Next-Gen Games “For Some Time”

Electronic Arts has always been very supportive of next-generation consoles as soon as they have released, and many of their titles of been part of launch lineups each time a brand new machine from Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo has reached the market over …Read more

Bad News For Cyberpunk 2077 At E3 2019 OR Community Over-Reaction?

Most Anticipated Video Games of 2013 (2nd Half of the Year!) – Brutally Honest List

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Command and Conquer: Rivals // NEW Command & Conquer game 2018 ANNOUNCED!

Battlefield 5 has a Team of Developers Working on it Right Now

Electronic Arts DICE is responsible there is another subseries that has been in the rumors for some time and that is Bad Company Since the developer talked of the next Battlefield game and not Battlefield 5 he might as well be working on Battlefield
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Ubisoft may already be working on next-gen Xbox games

Other game publishers including Electronic Arts have these same target boxes which have graphics chips made by AMD inside Naturally none of this information has been confirmed by really was planning a next gen Xbox console launch in 2012 we
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Co-founders of Criterion Games creators of Burnout leave studio update

Alex Ward vice president and creative director of Criterion Games and Fiona Sperry studio director are both no longer working at the studio Electronic Arts has confirmed to Polygon work on a new project for next-gen consoles as new IP continues
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Burnout studio founders leave Electronic Arts to start afresh with new game company

The pair will continue working together at a new unnamed gaming company davescook Just decided to start afresh and form a new games company with FionaSperry freshstart Alex Ward AlexanderJWard January 3 2014 Publisher Electronic Arts
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EA Talks Viscerals New Star Wars Game Extremely Strong Star Wars Battlefront Pre-orders and More

EA had hundreds of people play the game at E3 in long time and EA has been working with Raymond for some time in order to bring her in Raymond isnt only working on Star Wars but also on another project and Electronic Arts is Very Excited
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Microsoft unveils next-gen Project Scarlett Xbox console for release in 2020

Rival Sony Corp has also revealed plans of its are looking to boost services revenue through games streaming including Nvidia Corp Sony and Electronic Arts while Amazoncom Inc is reportedly working on its own service as well Reporting by Arjun
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