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Education adviser says KP govt to recruit 65000 teachers

PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Advisor to Chief Minister on Elementary and Secondary Education, Ziaullah Bangash said on Tuesday 65,000 teachers would be recruited for meeting the criteria of four teachers for every primary School according to five …Read more

Rise in middle-class birth rate will save universities

The report published today and based on official government to over 600000 by 2030 says Hepi Each year for the foreseeable future there will be approximately 65000 more males than females within the dominant higher education entrant age group
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Education dept creating post of secretary for primary schools says minister

Congratulating the ministry of federal education and professional training government schools in Islamabad KP and Fata which would be implemented in 2018 He said that BA and BS degrees should be made mandatory for all teachers
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Behind Wisconsin Democrats Million-Signature Show of Force in Walker Recall Effort

In 2003 he says for 65000 enrollees according to the legislatures budget office But the state recently lowered its estimates to a 232 million shortfall and Walker has said hes open to making a deal with the federal government that would
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Its black students got widely celebrated Ivy League scholarships School used lies abuse

Michael Landry 49 and Tracey Landry 50 say that education recruiting high-performing students from other schools particularly those with high ACT scores Visitors and cameras paraded through what had become a Potemkin village Students and
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Will lifting Tier 2 visa restrictions for NHS workers ease the strain

Last years Health Education adviser at the CIPD also believes the Tier 2 visa system is fraught with issues He says that the government could go a stage further in revamping its approach by reducing the substantial cost burden on employers that
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The costs of inequality Across Harvard efforts to improve lives

Some analysts of Americas deep schisms involving inequality say that large-scale solutions are needed to Jing Qiu A number of Harvard-based programs take that advice to heart and some have done so for more than a century In 1904 a group of
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