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Economic woes: an existential problem

The many problems of Pakistan-political, economic, social, security-areas old as the country itself. Since its inception to date, they are the same challenges with merely changed dimensions. Octogenarians and nonagenarians must have a feeling of déjà vu …Read more

Pakistans army chief points to fiscal mismanagement for problems

ISLAMABAD Reuters – Pakistans powerful army chief on Friday blamed fiscal mismanagement for the country economic woes days after he was appointed blames economic problems on the previous administration that left office in mid-2018
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A Reminder That Fake News Is An Information Literacy Problem – Not A Technology Problem

It is the accepted truth of Silicon Valley that every problem has a technological solution Most importantly it will require navigating the existential contradictions of todays social media platforms obsessed with velocity and virality against
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An existential threat Bernie Sanders faces mounting opposition from moderate Democrats

That is an existential threat to the future of the Democratic party a prodigious small-dollar fundraising operation a developed economic platform and a populist appeal that surges when he is attacked by the political establishment he ran against
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The state doesnt have a revenue problem it has a spending problem

While lawmakers meet behind closed doors to finalize the coming years state budget and confront a set of problems compounding in an existential crisis How can Boston the capital and economic engine of Massachusetts continue to function
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Trumps rumored Fed pick Judy Shelton is poking an uncomfortable truth

President Trumps next Federal Reserve pick could pose an existential problem for the central bank Judy Shelton a former economic advisor to Trump has not been officially nominated But her
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Economic woes an existential problem

The many problems of Pakistan-political economic social security-areas old as the country itself Since its inception to date they are the same challenges with merely changed dimensions
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