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ECB Stimulus Signal is Good for Growth, Bad for Bank Profits

After the ECB yesterday signaled further monetary stimulus, we still expect that it will cut the deposit rate by 10 basis points in September and resume net asset purchases of €15 billion per month in October. Yet, given that risks to economic growth are external …Read more

Free Thoughts, Ep. 219: How the Federal Reserve Works (with George Selgin)

ECB Rate Cut Helps Lift U.S. Stocks in Early Trading

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Real Time Economics Slower US Growth Central Bank Stimulus for Europe and a Hard Brexit on the Horizon

Today we look at what to expect in Fridays US GDP report why the European Central Bank is readying new stimulus its not all bad news Economists are forecasting a 2 pace of growth
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US economy slowed to 21 growth rate in second quarter

But consumer spending which drives about 70 of economic activity accelerated to a sizzling 43 growth rate after a lackluster a concern that led the European Central Bank to signal that more economic stimulus could be coming soon
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Draghi has financial markets hoping bad news is really good news

Mario Draghi the European Central Bank growth figures were bad The data for Chinese exports was even worse A signal for the financial markets to have another dose of the heebie-jeebies Not a bit of it This was one of those days when bad news was
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Central banks in sync on need for fresh stimulus

Central banks worldwide are poised to unleash some of the most aggressive monetary stimulus since the US central bank is ready to cut interest rates later this month The European Central Bank also sent a clear easing signal in the minutes of its
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First Eagle Global Value Team 2nd Quarter Team Commentary

Late in the quarter superficially good news also appeared in Europe where there was heavy buying of sovereign debt on hopes that the European Central Bank ECB would continue its very
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David Chance More of the same from the ECB is not enough to deliver economic security

Mario Draghis European Central Bank swansong saw him promise once again to it was clear the ECB had to signal it was ready to provide new stimulus What is not clear however is whether pulling on the string of the same policy responses that saved
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