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Ebola cases near 2300 as virus returns to earlier hot spots

The World Health Organization (WHO) yesterday in its weekly profile of Ebola activity aired growing concern about case spikes in two Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) areas—Mabalako and Mandima—that were hit hard when the outbreak began last …Read more

Ebola virus outbreak July 31 as it happened

The protective equipment is very hot to from 425 cases and there have only been 2300 deaths from all previous outbreaks of the virus This outbreak which has been growing since January concerns the deadliest form of the Ebola virus Zaire
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Dozens feared exposed as Sierra Leone confirms new Ebola case

It warned however of potential flare-ups as survivors can carry the virus for months The new case near the border with Guinea in late December Sierra Leones northern border area a maze of waterways was one of the countrys last Ebola hot spots
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Health officials ramp up Ebola response after first cases reported in Uganda

one of the hot spots for Ebola transmission in DRC to see her ailing father who had contracted Ebola He died in on June 1 Earlier this week a party of 14 members of this family including seven children under the age of 12 set off to return to Uganda
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The Hot Zone and the mythos of Ebola

Tiny spots in his brain are liquefyingMonet has been transformed into a human virus Ebola could do but simply heres what happens to you when you get Ebola Its even beyond a worst case scenario as he notes in part In the original Hot
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Ebola Doctors Without Borders Shows How to Manage a Plague

The visible bleeding in particular was troubling That suggested Ebola a virus without a cure that has killed between landscape of the epidemic by opening smaller ones nearer to hot spots But it could no longer expand overall
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WHO Liberia will see thousands of new Ebola cases

The current Ebola outbreak is the largest on record It has spread from Guinea to Sierra Leone Liberia Nigeria and Senegal and killed more than 2000 people An exponential increase in new cases is expected in the hardest-hit countries in coming
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