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East Asian food invasion in Istanbul and beyond

Discovering a new cuisine is an adventure and if you feel like diving into the world of Asian food, there are delicious destinations in Istanbul and other …Read more

Who would win a US-Iran war A strong and peaceful China

and beyond Persians were key to fostering this cosmopolitan culture serving as intermediaries between Chinese merchants in East Asia and Italian merchants in the far west of Constantinople now Istanbul and the Levant western Mediterranean
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Kebab city How grilled meat makes sense of Istanbuls chaos

Food to Istanbul by migrants from across not just Turkey but Eastern Europe North Africa and the Middle East In fact Istanbul is probably the only place in Turkey where you can sample cuisine from every region in the country and beyond
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The Ten Best New Restaurants of 2019 So Far

Everything is made from scratch and loaded with the Southeast Asian flavors of galangal force to be reckoned with in Denvers Vietnamese restaurant scene and beyond Because food this good starting with the goi thap cam the house special salad
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Islamic finance hubs in GCC Southeast Asia come closer

According to Nikkei Asian Review such hubs could be set up in Doha Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur which comprises sectors beyond Islamic finance such as halal food halal travel and tourism halal pharmaceuticals and cosmetics halal healthcare as
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4 Maps That Explain Irans Place In The Middle East

Central Asia is another place Iran one-fourth the size of Irans But the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 removed that threat Since then Iran has been building an arc of Shiite influence in the Middle East Syrian President Bashar al-Assads
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African snail Deadly invasion in South America

Such is the density with which they congregate at the height of an invasion East Asia where snails are eaten uncooked or partially cooked incidences of the syndrome are thought to be much higher People touch the snails and then they touch food
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