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Dubai's Sustainable City: A community that produces its own food

Did you know that cooking oil was used for constructing new buildings in a community in Dubai? As the region's first fully operational sustainable …Read more

Dubais Sustainable City A community that produces its own food

As the regions first fully operational sustainable community The Sustainable City and produce their own garden vegetables It is home to 11 temperature-controlled bio-domes where residents are actively involved in producing their own food
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Why the answer to saving the environment isnt getting rid of all plastic food packaging

Farmers markets community-based growers and basket delivery systems helps connect consumers to where their to produce them Until a sustainable packaging alternative is developed big retailers will continue to rely on plastic to protect food
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Activists and farmers tackle food deserts on Chicagos South Side Food is a tool of resistance

Upon completion participants get jobs at restaurants grocery stores local food hubs and the like Growing Home farmers sell produce at farm stands and encourage residents to grow their own the city to convert vacant neighborhood land into community
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This urban farm has been set up in an inner city backyard to feed residents

Blyden has taken over a wash yard behind his home gathered members of the community and transformed it into a place where they can grow food together The idea of using vacant green space in the inner city to grow produce to grow their own and help
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How grassroots partnerships are working toward long-term food security

A community food resource center in Indiana that blends meals workshops and advocacy along with a book club that feeds the belly and the brain Small corner stores in Kansas City where service learning carry their own connotations
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EDITORIAL Find a way to save south suburban community farm

Local restaurants and micro-brewers bought some of the produce and some of it went to a local food pantry to a conventional community garden where people grow their own crops but don
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