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Dubai achieves 19% reduction in net CO2 emissions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:( AETOSWire)– In conjunction with the convening of the preparatory conference for the UN 2019 Climate Summit (COP 25) in Abu Dhabi, the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy announced that the net CO2 emissions of Dubai …Read more

Dubai achieves 19 reduction in net CO2 emissions

The Dubai Supreme Council of Energy has been monitoring Dubais carbon emission since 2011 through the United Nations MRV methodology Monitoring Reporting and Verification Dubai United Arab Emirates AETOSWire– In conjunction with the convening of
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Bentley achieves industry first with triple Carbon Trust certification

Between 2011 and 2013 Bentley has achieved a 16 reduction in deliveries increase by 19 in 2012 Major projects at Bentley have included the installation of more than 20000 solar panels across factory roofs reducing CO2 emissions by 2500 tonnes
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How technology gives coal new opportunity to provide world with electricity

system achieves more than 90 CO2 removal setting Manjung 4 at 200mgNm3 – significantly below world bank standards of 750mgNm3 The sum of solutions implemented at the Manjung 4 plant will lead to a total 4-5 emissions reduction compared to
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Roadmap for moving to a low carbon economy in 2050 – guide

It is not a net cost for the economy or a reduction of GDP about 4 of global man-made CO2 emissions but many cost-effective solutions exist to reduce these For agriculture the pattern is the inverse of transport It achieves significant emission
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Sustainable investing is the new killer app

Cleantech is investment in technology that reduces waste energy use water toxicity and material and achieves financial their own energy costs and CO2 emissions and at the same time they are demanding a 20 reduction in energy and CO2 emissions
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CLIM-FO-L Newsletter

In the long term electricity generation from pellets reduces overall emissions relative to coal although forest carbon losses delay net GHG mitigation by scheme of the HadCM3 AOGCM The CO2-related reduction in plant water demand lowers the risk
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