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Drug trafficking charge dismissed against Bomber Thompson

Fallen AFL star Mark “BomberThompson has had his drug trafficking charges thrown out. Magistrate Duncan Reynolds handed down his decision this morning two weeks after the football legend took to the witness box to clear his name. Mr Reynolds told a …Read more

Mark Bomber Thompson drugs trafficking charges dismissed

AFL great Mark Bomber Thompson has avoided a Magistrate Duncan Reynolds said that although he dismissed Thompsons trafficking charges he found the 55-year-old guilty of four counts of drug possession including MDA ice LSD and Xanax
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AFL great Mark Bomber Thompsons drug trafficking charges have been dismissed

Mark Bomber Thompson has been CLEARED times the minimum amount required to receive a trafficking charge However Thompsons legal team argued it made no sense for a man of his profile to traffic drugs as one of his NAB bank accounts containing
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Bomber Thompson cleared of trafficking

AFL great Mark Bomber Thompson has had his drug trafficking charges dismissed but will still be sentenced for possession Magistrate Duncan Reynolds found on Thursday that although the former Essendon captain and Geelong coach no longer faced three ice
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Embattled AFL coach Mark Bomber Thompson is CLEARED of all drug trafficking charges

Mark Bomber Thompson has been cleared of drug trafficking charges but will still be sentenced for possession Magistrate Duncan Reynolds dismissed the trafficking charges but told Melbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday morning the 55-year-old would
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Drug trafficking charges against Mark Bomber Thompson dismissed

A magistrate has dismissed drug trafficking charges against former AFL coach and premiership player Mark Bomber Thompson The football legend was facing multiple drug possession and drug trafficking charges after methamphetamine and MDA were allegedly
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Bomber Thompsons drug dealing charges dismissed

Magistrate Duncan Reynolds did though find drug possession charges against Thompson were proven Mark Bomber Thompson right arrives at the Magistrates Court on ThursdayCreditAAP The remaining charges of trafficking are dismissed Mr Reynolds said
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