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Dressed to kill: Video games' tricky relationship with fashion

It's probably safe to say that decent fashion sense is unlikely to be top of your list. But when developers get it wrong players notice. "It kind of creates a …Read more

Dressed to kill Video games tricky relationship with fashion

What do you look for in a great video game Fast-paced action A strong storyline Perhaps even an atmospheric soundtrack Its probably safe to say that decent fashion sense is unlikely to be top of your list But when developers get it wrong players notice
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The Ultimate Guide to Crushing Your Job Interview

If you want to really kill it in the interview whether that interview is in-person or through online video here are some This isnt a fashion show and some colors wont be right for an important job interview Youll want to stick to conservative
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On Again The Comprehensive History of Bella Hadids Romance With The Weeknd

But at the Magnum x Alexander Wang bash at the Cannes Film Festival May 10 it wasnt the statuesque beautys mini dress-oversized pop sensation was tricky Their schedules got very busy and it really cut into their relationship said the source
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Tech is killing childhood

The buses have always been tricky but now they seem out of control an administrator at another school tells me A fifth-grader showed a second-grader an obscene YouTube video on girls trend toward fashion beauty and dress-up games
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Prodigy Invade America Our September 1997 Cover Story on The Prodigy

Her leopard-skin dress seems less a fashion statement than a sympton of some bizarre degenerative and when his crew Cut to Kill used his demos to get a record deal that didnt include him he jumped into club culture full-on In the summer of
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Overshadowed a powerful mental health drama

It depicts a disease that doesnt only threaten Imos health but also seeks to destroy her relationships We watch as anorexia you know trying to kill her Overshadoweds masterstroke is its personification of the disease
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