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Don't Fall for These 6 Real Estate Scams

Getting involved in real estate can be both rewarding and lucrative. Whether you're a novice home flipper, a licensed professional or fall somewhere in …Read more

6 Mortgage Scams Exposed! (Home Buyers Beware!)

If You Find This In the Wall, Don't Touch Or Pull It!

If You See an Envelope in Your Car, You're in Danger

Real Estate Scam| Dont fall for this age old Real Estate investment Scam used by famous entertainers

The 4 most common mortgage real estate scams and how to stop them

In 2017 alone 9645 victims reported real estate fraud review these documents carefully or have a trusted advisor do this if you are refinancing your mortgage What it looks like People who fall on hard times and get behind on their mortgage
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Real estate fraud grows in Colorado

We tied all of these transactions to a handful buyers who lied on their mortgage applications to real estate agents and mortgage bankers who participated in the fraud The case culminated last fall when real estate agents William E
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7 of the worst scams people fall for when renting an apartment

The listing agent Nardo had been chatting with online was a fraud who had likely scraped the damaged prior to you moving in Shawn Breyer a real estate agent in Georgia told Business Insider These charges could deplete your entire security
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Over 5 million renters have lost money in rental scams

An estimated 431 of all renters have encountered a suspicious listing in their hunt for new housing according to a survey conducted in June by real-estate website money to the scam thats not the case for all renters More than 6 of renters
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FDIC wants 145 million from dead Bridgeport bankers estate over massive fraud

Gembara gave four customers of his fraud owes 216 million on loans from Gembaras bank Kowalski has filed for bankruptcy protection In an effort to recover the unpaid money bankruptcy court officials are preparing to sell his real estate
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BBB CONSUMER TIPS Advanced fee loan scams

The BBB has witnessed a national trend of advance fee loan scams These scams target individuals who are having ask you to pay for processing your application One exception is real estate it is accepted and normal practice for lenders to request
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