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Don't blame Instagram for destroying travel – it's our fault

It's so easy to blame social media for travel's current malaise. Damn the 'Gram, you could say, for the fact destinations are so crowded now and …Read more

Am I being overreactive or is my girlfriend not working with me

It39s alot of stuff I39ve been thinking about but Maybe I39m just over thinking I honestly feel like it39s my fault and to better our relationship she takes a step back She even tried breaking up with me saying I don39t take her
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Carson Palmer Press Conference

It39s kind of similar to last week with the Tennessee Titans They rotate guys in and out they don39t let you get tired and they come every play whether it39s run or pass So we39ve got our hands and also my fault So I need to do
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Is my fiances interracial past getting between our life in the bedroom

It39s don39t get home until 7 ish and she has to get up early for her job so yes that does have an effect with this situation We rarely get time to ourselves to focus on each other and usually those once in a blue moon nights are pretty
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Wilson counting on Spiller to spark dull Bills

The Buffalo Bills for the last 10 years and it39s my fault have been a dull team who split the starting duties last year – will get less playing time I don39t worry about people39s feelings I worry about scoring points3939 Gailey
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Stay in a so-so marriage and have a fairly comfortable life – but never have great sex ever again

Maybe it is all my fault And I guess I can accept that He is certainly interested It39s just thatto be honest I don39t think we have great chemistry I don39t even enjoy kissing him It39s horrible to say that but it39s the
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Marvin Lewis Press Conference

It39s hard for us to sit here and try to figure out whether it39s necessary or not I think everybody understood what I did and why Our conversions per Chad and I don39t need to be for public record Well hes been durable and it is what it is
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