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Does “The Lion King” Need CGI?

Nothing must be done to frighten the horses—or, at the beginning of “The Lion King,” the zebras, which trot along on precisely the same diagonal as they did in the earlier movie. Rarely has brand recognition soared to such fetishistic heights, and I regret to …Read more

The Lion King 2019 Is there a post credits scene after the movie ends

Disneys CGI remake of The Lion King hits theaters on Friday That would set an all-time record topping 2011s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Do viewers need to stick around until the end credits for some special scenes
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The Lion King review Remake might be too realistic for its own good

The opening of Disneys live-action remake of The Lion King had me scratching my that also got the live-action treatment But what CGI offers in the way of lifelike characters it lacks in emotional impact How do you show sadness or excitement
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Ranking 7 of Disneys live-action remakes including The Lion King

Simba was a fresh lion cub when he realized hed one day have to take over the Pride Lands in The Lion King We on the other hand to drum up nostalgia and add in something new Most do just that but just in case youre short for time
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Seven Pressing Questions About the New Lion King

After revisiting Pride Rock and all its furry inhabitants here are the seven most important questions surrounding The Lion Kingalong have been done I do know that using motion capture probably wouldnt have helped If you need a reminder of
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Movie review Lion King returns but its harder to feel the love

Do we need the feathered major-domo Zazu voiced by John Oliver to look enough like a red-billed hornbill to win the approval of avid birders The Lion King may well be a pivotal steppingstone toward CGI splendors to come but for now it feels like
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Is splendid computer animation a delight in The Lion King or its downfall

Its worth asking Just how real do we need our talking animals The Lion King may well be a pivotal stepping stone toward CGI splendors to come but for now it feels like realism has been
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