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Do the Beatles Actually Appear in 'Yesterday'? (Spoiler Alert)

In the most dramatic scene from the trailer for the new movie Yesterday, it appears Jack Malik is about to be called out by two of the Beatles for stealing their music. On national television, no less. The film stars Himesh Patel as a struggling musician who …Read more

Do the Beatles Actually Appear in Yesterday Spoiler Alert

So are McCartney and Starr really in the movie But John Lennon does appear in Yesterday It turns out there are two other people who remember the Beatles and their music
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Avengers Endgame 22 little moments that added up to greatness

Spoiler alert This column is nothing but spoilers on the soundtrack another perfect music choice given Tony and Steve appear to be newcomers but actually know all about this place but have only so much time before theyll have to leave
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Charge of the Light Brigade How Hologram Technology is Changing the Music Industry

SPOILER ALERT When Ashley O stops taking her meds and or a new and living artist Where do you want your money to go And if these shows really are just a tribute to a great musician is there any harm in that Maybe not but there is cause for
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The twenty best bicycle scenes in cinema ever

If you need proof of the superiority of the cycle look no further than film where bikes appear in some of the coolest and most lyrics with Rain Drops Keep Falling On My Head But spoiler alert They dont already did the whole clothes-made
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15 Fab Facts About Help

INSIDE JOKE AT THE END OF A BOOK SPANNING THE BEATLES EARLY YEARS Spoiler alert Upon reaching of a very elite club Do you realize that youre probably one of the only musicians in the world thats ever actually played a full set with
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Twitter for Public Relations Fact and Fantasy

Remember just because Rolling Stone tells you the latest Kanye West is a masterpiece spoiler alert its not and it will change the way you listen to music forever doesnt mean you should delete all your Beatles that make it appear if you
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