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Diversity in NYC Arts Organizations Falls Short of City Demographics

According to a new report, about two-thirds of New Yorkers are people of color while two-thirds of the people running arts organizations are white.Read more

NYC Department Of Cultural Affairs Releases New Report On Demographics Of Citys Cultural Workforce

This report builds on the landmark 2016 study of the workforce at City-funded non-profit cultural organizations which found major disparities between the makeup of the cultural workforce and the citys population diversity of the city it serves NYC
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How we set diversity targets

Just like in user testing good survey design is an art and a to reflect the diversity and available talent pools we have access to weve proportionately drawn together the demographics of the Alberta Ontario and New York City populations rather
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Traveling Through Jordans Historic Petra Ruins Red Dunes and Dead Sea

The country has an elected parliament while the government falls short of a democracy In 1948 Amman was a city of only 140000 now it has a population of four million The kingdom has grown through generosity the relative social benefits conferred
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Tourism Climbs in NJ with Increased Number of Visitors Around the Garden State

Visits and spending have been increasing in Hudson for several years thanks to the proximity of New York City visitor demographics and a tourism advisory group worked to create a diverse inventory of attractions Wieland said Wheaton Arts Center
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The Most Livable Neighborhoods in New York

The Bloomberg administration gathers reams of data about almost every element of life in the cityfrom potholes to infant-mortality ratesas do New York capital arts venues as well as the number of residents engaged in the arts diversity
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Houston theater groups promote diversity in live productions

The changes are still short of reflecting the national population significant changes in top leadership at organizations such as the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Humana Festival The art were making is reflective of where we are as
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