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Disney Is A Symptom, Not The Cause, Of The Problems Facing Hollywood

Walt Disney’s 2019 slate has earned $8.082 billion at the global box office. That already bests the single-year record, set by Disney back in 2016, and it’s not even August. Three of their movies (Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame and Aladdin) have passed …Read more

Disney Is A Symptom Not The Cause Of The Problems Facing Hollywood

Walt Disneys 2019 slate has earned 80821 billion at the global box office That already bests the single-year record set by Disney back in 2016 and its not even August Three of their movies Captain Marvel Avengers Endgame and Aladdin have
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Hollywood Power Philanthropy How Disneys Bob Iger Kristen Bell Amber Heard and More Are Giving Back

Among those leading the philanthropy charge in Hollywood are stars studio heads network execs and agency partners who use their powerful platforms for good For Disneys Bob Iger to help with causes across the board Ive been lucky to participate
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The Cultural Left Goes Berserk

Hollywood is facing problem with the hyenas then appears not to be that they eat meat but that theyre trying to eat above their station In the class structure of Pride Rock Disney
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The real reason why Netflix stock is down

But the streaming service is facing competition companys problem is that it has tried to place itself in a different category from companies like HBO and Disney It was a platform a disrupter it was based in Sillicon Valley not Hollywood
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Dirty Pop The Darkest Secrets of Boy Bands Revealed

During the height of my problems I did Ecstasy cocaine and drank a large bottle of vodka a night he wrote in Facing the Music and Living to I didnt touch her Im not that kind of guy I would never do that In 2016 Carter had a headline
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The Battle for the Living Room Continues

On the second half of the show host Chris Hill chats with Motley Fool analyst Tim Beyers about this years Comic Con Disneys NYSE capital of America is not Hollywood or Nashville or
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