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DISCOs ordered to promote easy installation of net-metering

ISLAMABAD: Power Division has issued special instructions to all DISCOs to promote easy installation of net-metering to enable electricity consumers to curtail their monthly electricity bills and optimally utilise solar potential of the country. The instructions …Read more

Special instruction issued for promotion of Solar Energy Net-Metering

Power Division has issued special instructions to all DISCOs for promoting and further easing installation regulation for net-metering are adequate however the practical steps taken by DISCOs are not enough to promote it in order to fully and
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15 free iMessage apps to supercharge your Messages in iOS 10

Then add fireworks or disco music in the background just for funsies Finding a good time for a group hang can take lots of back-and-forth texting so Doodle free is here for fast and easy scheduling contacts to install the app in order to
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Striving for sustainability City looks to meet renewable energy goals

With federal and city rebates the installation In order to meet the required levels city officials are considering several options including more wind energy from Kansas solar community projects and a tweaked net metering process to promote
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Good jobs and protecting the environment dont have to be mutually exclusive

In fact in order to have safe and secure food and more resilient forests Under pressure from utilities California recently adopted changes to net metering policies that caused the rooftop solar industry to suffer a decline in sales and subsequent
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Follow the Leader Hawaii Aims for 100 Percent Renewable Energy

However our friends over at Think Progress are pointing to the states generous solar power net-metering policy a solar permit just as quick and easy to obtain as any other building permit such as a new furnace installation Technological issues
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Industry roundtable Energy

Its aggressive its not easy but its possible The key to getting there for the New York ISO is that we have to be building transmission now We think that well install something on the order of they call remote net metering where you
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