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Directives for promoting solar energy

The Power Division has issued special instructions to all distribution companies to promote and further streamline the installation of net metering system in order to provide an opportunity to all electricity consumers to curtail their monthly electricity bills besides …Read more

Special instruction issued for promotion of Solar Energy Net-Metering

Power Division has issued special instructions to all DISCOs for promoting and further easing installation The meeting while emphasizing the importance of net-metering in order to tap the solar energy potential of the country also underscored the
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Unisun Energy formally starts operation of Europes largest N-type bifacial solar project

UNISUN chairwoman He Yisha said at the opening ceremony Europe has a mature solar energy market with ample potential for development UNISUN is committed to continuously promoting the
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Install solar plates on government buildings from this year CM Nitish Kumar

PATNA In a bid to promote renewable sources of energy chief minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday issued a directive for installation of solar plates on all government buildings and offices in the state from this year Chairing a meeting to review
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Solar Energy and the Repair of the World

The Blessing of the Sun reminds us Many countries the US included have already begun albeit in a very small way on a small scale to harness solar energy the heat and nation and the entire world to promote true goodness which is Good
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Sen Muth calls for 100 renewable energy for Pennsylvania

Katie Muth D-Berks Chester Montgomery joined advocates of the clean energy movement Wednesday as they rallied to promote renewable energy initiatives Muth noted that a 10 increase in solar energy opportunities alone would create over 65000
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Colts Tackling Energy Needs With Solar

When the Indianapolis Colts kick off their 2019 season this fall the team plans to bring a new energy to the field its about working with the Colts to grow its footprint and promote solar use in Indiana The Colts are the fifth NFL franchise
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