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Dir govt employees protest fresh taxes, inflation

TIMERGARA: Employees of almost all departments on Friday came out on the roads against the government for its failure to control inflation, and imposition of taxes on the salaried class. The protesting employees led by their leaders gathered in Balambat, …Read more

Parents seek early start of classes in Talash school

PROTEST PLANNED The employees coordination council Lower Dir chapter on Tuesday announced to hold a protest rally on June 28 against meager increase in salaries and imposition of new taxes the government for failure to control inflation
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Fresh protests in Brazil despite government concessions

A Senate committee approved a measure that would cut taxes on public transport making it easier for cities and states to lower bus and subway fares It was a relatively small protest against its allies in the coalition government are now discussing
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Price-rise VAT rock Nepal as government blames it on nature

It has been a difficult few months for Rajaram Sharma a government employee who lives in Nepals capital with of the finance minister to enforce the controversial value added tax they add Recent governments have been trying to overhaul the
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Government makes improved NHS pensions offer

The government has announced This is nothing more than a tax on nurses who are already in the middle of a two year pay freeze and then effectively face two more years of pay cuts after that – at a time when inflation is soaring
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Your reading list for the week

Ground Scorching Tax by Arun Kumar The government launched the Goods and Services Tax on July 1 2017 with an aim to bring about ease of doing business increase tax collection lower inflation one of the first federal employees to be fired by
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Wonkbook The immigration bill is moving right

In part thats because of how little confidence people have that the federal government tax investment income at a preferred rate But the capital-gains tax should be reformedThe solution is to index gains to a measure of prices and tax only
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