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Digital Library On Indigenous Culture And History Launches

Greater access to indigenous culture has been made available to educators and students across the Pacific Northwest. KLCC's Brian Bull reports on …Read more

Gale Launches Largest Digital Archive of LGBTQ History and Culture

March 21 2016 PRNewswire — Gale a leading provider of library resources and part of Cengage Learning has released the first part of Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity a milestone digital LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940 brings
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Shellharbour Libraries launch Aboriginal Culture collection

If you want to learn more about Aboriginal culture then Shellharbour City Libraries is there to help The collection combines existing and new resources about Aboriginal history said she was thrilled to launch the librarys new collection
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Life after launch Inside the massive effort to preserve NASAs space artifacts

Harvards Houghton Library has the another NASA cultural resource specialist So thats how they protect the historic value of it As NASA has transitioned from the space shuttle program to the space launch system some buildings have
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BBC and Arts Council launch joint digital Space for culture

Photograph Eamonn MccabeRedferns The Space which went live on Tuesday will offer hundreds of hours of arts programming online on mobile and on digital TV Not entirely on message at the launch at Londons Royal Festival Hall Jonzi D added
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Mukurtu an online dilly bag for keeping Indigenous digital archives safe

Reader advice Aboriginal for Digital Curation and Scholarship in the US and Richard Neville at the State Library of NSW to ensure the Mukurtu Project has the institutional support it needs to help Indigenous communities protect their cultural
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How ad agencies can better cater to Indigenous communities

Our first commitment was the launch of a series that is building a digital library of stories art and culture for Aboriginal youth 2 Australias Two Beginnings I was extremely surprised to learn that Aboriginal history is still not a
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