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Did this photographer cry after Dhoni's run out? No, old image of Iraqi photographer viral

Images of a crying photographer juxtaposed with a picture of Dhoni from the July 10 cricket world cup semi-finals against New Zealand is circulating on social media. One Prabhat Sharma tweeted this collage with the message – “Picture speaks louder than …Read more

Reuters pictures of the year 2014 The stories behind the images

This package taken from news sport and entertainment coverage highlights some of the iconic unusual and breathtaking imagery taken by Reuters photographers The photographers story is in the caption of each image
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Photographers images destroyed in during Sandy turns them into art

In of deadliest and most destructive storms in US history when the storm hit photographer the pictures out dipping them in alcohol and setting them aside to dry You didnt really see what was going to happen until after it truly dried
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Must Read The Photographs That Got Away From Famous Shooters

Readers learn that talented photographers experience wobbles just like anyone else and that photography as it reflects life can be a struggle PNT is now in its second run after the first edition sold out in March funeral No image of the
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Amid rumors of failing health Hezbollah leader to give TV interview

We stick to our principles not our seats he adds referencing his November decision to resign from the government which he said he did out of a principled stance in defense of the beleaguered residents of southern Israel after a ceasefire
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2017 A picture and its story

Reuters photographers witnessed the biggest stories of 2017 – from Donald Trumps first year as US president to the flight of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar from Venezuelas crisis to the fall of Islamic State and a tower block inferno in London
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The haunting faces of war Startling pictures from Americas conflicts show more than 70 years of bloodshed

Orujelas stark photo taken by photographer Louie Palu after an operation Its something that we did to that man Americans did it we did it intentionally and its a haunting picture Michels said of the image of the burned Iraqi that hangs
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