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Dengue fever infections surge in Vietnam in 7 months

HANOI, July 30 (Xinhua) — Between Jan. 1 and July 29, Vietnam spotted over 105,000 dengue fever patients, more than trebling the cases in the same period last year, Vietnam News Agency reported on Tuesday. Of the over 105,000 dengue fever patients, …Read more

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Dengue fever encephalitis infections surge in Vietnamese cities

According to local preventive medicine centers the key reason for the surge in dengue brain and coma In Vietnams southwestern region thousands of dengue fever and encephalitis infections were detected in the first six months of this year
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Vietnam braces for dengue fever surge officials

Despite a dip in the number of cases last year dengue fever infections are expected to surge during the coming rainy months said Tran Dac Phu the launch of ASEAN Dengue Fever Day June 15 in Vietnam Overall the number of infections has fallen
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Vietnam Reports Surge in Dengue Infections

The number of people coming down with dengue fever in Vietnam in the first seven months of 2016 has seen a 260 percent told Saigon Times Online that at least 14 people were killed with infections recorded in 46 out of 63 cities and provinces
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Dengue cost three lives last month

Incidentally the city recorded a phenomenal surge in mosquito-borne diseases last month dengue gets complicated it progresses to the stage of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever DHF and further to Dengue Shock Syndrome DSS The chances of cross-infection
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Vietnams dengue fever deaths surge 765 pct in 10 months

In October alone Vietnam reported over 14100 cases of dengue fever infections including 12 fatalities The country has so far this year witnessed 36800 infection cases of hand-foot-mouth disease including five fatalities 805 cases of viral
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Vietnam dengue Ho Chi Minh City reports big increases in cases as country total tops 80K

Health officials in Vietnams most populous city Ho Chi Minh City HCM City aka Saigon have reported more than 24000 dengue fever cases during the first six months of the year a 176 percent
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