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Deloitte research highlights various drivers for slowing industrial real estate growth rates

This runs counter to the healthy growth rates in the industrial real estate sector, coupled with a declining availability rate, going back to 2012. That is …Read more

Weekly Dashboard Interest Rates Plunge

Commercial Real Estate Loan Growth Source Federal Reserve EPB Macro Research It is encouraging to see an acceleration in real estate loan growth perhaps due to a sharp decline in interest rates but the The call on growth slowing continues to
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Cushman Wakefield report says there is no sign of slowing in the industrial real estate market

The ongoing strength of the industrial real estate market was apparent in the first quarter according to data issued in research recently published by Cushman Wakefield The firm pointed to various market indicators including strong absorption rates
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REIT Fundamentals Solid Financial Stability Slowing Growth

The reason for this is the high amount of depreciation inherent in a portfolio of real estate that driving up rental rates and benefiting residential REITs SS NOI growth exceeded 6 in SFH REITs and Manufactured Homes while Industrial REITs and
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Future Scenarios for IoT in Financial Services

Another example is in commercial real estate where sensors in commercial buildings can help companies better manage energy usage environmental comfort and security To gain some insight into future IoT scenarios in this industry the Deloitte
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Kenya Oversupply of Mall Space in Kenya – Report

The decline is attributable to reduced rental rates in the commercial office and retail sectors as developers seek to attract tenants while factors such as i the sluggish growth of various real estate themes Ms Wacu Mbugua a research assistant
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Forbes Family Trust Reveals Opportunities

Over that time balanced portfolios have done well fueled by equities but a different sort of On the other hand CRE commercial real estate lease rates are already high limiting the potential for further growth The CRE price index is already
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