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Decomposers, as custodians of food chain

Decomposition is a cyclic process in which organic substances is break down into simple organic matter. Decomposers is the process of nutrient cycle …Read more

Science KS2 KS3 Food chains and food webs in animals

The energy that all animals get from food begins with the Suns energy and once it reaches Earth is transferred through food webs and food chains In turn each part This is where the decomposers come in This clip is from the series Life Lessons
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You Can Thank Insects for Many Human Inventions

Insects are beneficial in more ways than simply as pollinators of crops decomposers of decaying organic matter controllers of agricultural pests and food for other wildlife Cox devised a new saw chain with right and left cutting teeth
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Australia and New Zealand get revised produce safety guidelines

The aim is to assist growers packers transporters wholesalers retailers and others in the fresh produce supply chain to identify and assess potential food safety hazards are instead recommended As custodians of the guidelines the Fresh
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What are those giant mosquitoes

Crane fly larvae are an important part of the food chain They are considered decomposers They are also eaten by lots of different insects fish spiders and birds Adults live only for a few days just long enough to mate and lay eggs In fact
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Climate change may affect ecological interactions among species

scavengers and decomposers Earths ecosystems function within a vast web of interactions among plants animals insects fungi and microorganisms A fundamental part of this web resides in the equilibrium of the food chain that links predators to
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Making this easy to understand isnt easy

we can see organisations looking to solve such complex topics as digital identity Sovrin supply chain digital transformation Tradelens food provenance IBM Food Trust and efficiency in the
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