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David and Art – Art and Health

The connection between the arts and physical health is one that's increasingly appreciated by medical professionals. As research continues to show …Read more

Why art and culture can keep alive the memory of social injustices like David Oluwale – Anthony Clavane

This I guess is why the arts are so important in keeping alive the memory of social injustices Aspdens The Hounding of David Oluwale was adapted into institutional racism and mental health arrives at Sheffields Theatre Deli
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Berkley ready to chalk up next Street Art Fest thousands expected

Artist David Zinn this year will be creating permanent art on the Berkley Public Library and at Balanced Health and Wellness Signature murals will be done at Folio the Wedding Shoppe and The Neighbors Shoppe all on Coolidge The purpose of this
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Clark Co Recycled Arts Fest returns this weekend

KOIN The Clark County Recycled Arts Festival is celebrating its 14th year this Saturday in Washougal by a Jeep driver who crashed through a fence and didnt stop David Croswell faced a Clark County judge Wednesday to officially hear the charges
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Art Dread Delight opens at Akron Art Museum

A Heritage of Harvest The Industry of Agriculture Through Oct 13 in the Aultman Health Foundation Gallery Gridworks of David Kuntzman through July 21 and Food For Thought Celebrating Food in Art through July 21 wwwcantonartorg
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David Rockwells architecture and design

American architect and designer David Rockwell is a mastermind of what could be described Rockwell likened the multi-use arts center — with its ability to host concerts theater productions and art exhibitions simultaneously — to his way of
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Shocked mortified and horrified Noted former BSO music director David Zinman joins orchestra picket line

David Zinman the former music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and a pivotal figure in the arts groups history a roughly 20 percent pay cut for musicians but retain health insurance and other benefits year-round The changes would
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