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Dark Knight Trilogy: One of the iconic movies of Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan has been one of the well-renowned directors of all time. One thing that sets him apart from all other directors is the fact that even today one of the movies that remain at the top list is The Dark Knight rises, one of the movies from the Dark …Read more

Top 10 Moments in The Dark Knight Trilogy

Dark Knight – Why Can't We Do Better? – Why Other Films Fall Short

The Dark Knight Rises Interview – Christopher Nolan (2012) HD

The Dark Knight (2008) Official Trailer #1 – Christopher Nolan Movie HD

Christopher Nolan refused to put this song in his Dark Knight Trilogy movie trailers

There were a ton of amazing trailers for Christopher Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy but if his brother and co-writer Jonathan Nolan had his way at least one of them wouldve included the song Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones I worked in
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The Villains Defined The Dark Knight Movies Says Christopher Nolan

The world is currently discussing the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Christopher Nolans influence on the superhero genre is undisputable The director recently spoke at the Cannes Film Festival where he looked back at his Dark Knight trilogy and revealed
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What The Batmans Matt Reeves Loves About Christopher Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy

There are few superhero characters that are as massively popular and iconic as DCs Batman Batmans first DCEU solo movie tentatively titled The Batman and is apparently a major fan of Christopher Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy Why
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Dark Knight Trilogy Clip Nolan Made Batman As If The Source Material Were Not A Comic Book

Directors Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogy and Richard Donner Superman The Movie sit down to discuss the trials and triumphs involved in bringing the two most iconic superheroes of all time to the big screen and how Superman influenced
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10 Amazing Facts You Probably Didnt Know About Christopher Nolans THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY

tried and failed to get another take going on several occasions but it was ultimately then relatively unknown filmmaker Christopher Nolan One of the most unique and interesting Easter Eggs in The Dark Knight Trilogy didnt appear in the movies
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Is This the Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray Box Set UPDATED

Christopher Nolan Richard Donner A Conversation – For the first time Directors Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Trilogy and Richard beyond saying each movie will get two Blu-rays and a DVD One way or another we should find out more
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