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Dapper Dan Talks Lack Of Black-Owned Luxury Fashion Brands, Gucci Boycott

Dapper Dan sat down with Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club Thursday (July 11) to talk about his fashion legacy, the Gucci boycott, and the lack of …Read more

Dapper Dan Talks Lack Of Black-Owned Luxury Fashion Brands Gucci Boycott

Dapper Dan sat down with Power 1051s The Breakfast Club Thursday July 11 to talk about his fashion legacy the Gucci boycott and the lack of black-owned fashion luxury fashion brands On the subject of his personal fashion influence the 74-year-old
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TI Criticizes Man for Wearing Gucci After Blackface Controversy

The rapper who started the AKOO clothing brand in 2010 called for Black people to boycott Gucci and other high-fashion houses that lack racial sensitivity the company launched its diversity plan with designer Dapper Dan and activists DeRay McKesson
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18 Seriously Genius Pro-Black Details You Might Have Missed At This Years Met Gala

But bear with me dear reader because in this post were going a bit deeper to explore the brilliant ways that celebs celebrated black culture black people and black history at this years event Tap to play or pause GIF Tap to play or pause GIF
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Director Spike Lee boycotts Gucci and Prada over blackface items and says he wont wear the brands until they hire black designers

Lees personal boycott in the midst of movie awards season was a powerful message to luxury fashion Both brands withdrew the offending pieces from sale on both websites and stores Prada said it abhors all forms of racism while Gucci called it
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Dapper Dan Plans To Hold Gucci Accountable For Insensitive Designs

In the wake of Guccis blackface scandal that caused widespread outrage Dapper Dan who has been working with the luxury brand since 2017 called for the community to boycott companies like Gucci and Prada for its lack of diversity in the design
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Do It For the Culture Unique Black-Owned New York City Tourist Experiences You Have to Try

One of Airbnbs most popular features Airbnb Experiences is still not widely known to many travelers In addition to home and room rentals you can also use the site to search for unique experiences in the cities youre traveling to or living inThe
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