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Danish culture builds bridges to India

Ever since the idea for what is now called the Danish Cultural Institute was born in an occupied Denmark during 1940, the aim of the initiative has …Read more

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7 Architects: Bridging Cultures in a Global World

Urmilesh Singh: My observations on Danish society and culture

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Danish culture builds bridges to India

Classic diplomacy is not always the most effective way to mutual understanding between people This is one of the main reasons Denmark has opened a cultural institute in New Delhi Ever since the idea for what is now called the Danish Cultural Institute was
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Taiwan keen to build bridges with India

Taiwan is keen on building bridges with India and its expanded stated that Taiwan has sought to increase cooperation with India in areas such as technology medicines manufacturing agriculture education culture and tourism He highlighted the
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To build bridges BMC looks at ways to emulate armys speed

The Prabhadevi FOB was built by the army in 117 days The corporation would do well if it were to adopt the work culture of the armed Pardeshi directed the bridges department to invite global
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Qatar- Art transcends cultural boundaries Indian artist

The two-woman show which runs until July 13 is hosted by Katara in line with the Qatar India 2019 Year of Culture a Qatar Museums initiative that builds bridges between nations and promotes
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First Indian Film Festival to be held in Kenya set for August

I am sure that it will act as a bridge between the Indian Kenyan film industries The festival is devoted to a greater appreciation of cinema in particular art and culture in
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Effort underway to stop demolition of stone railroad bridge in Ashley

Some Ashley residents are trying to stop demolition of the Culvert Street Bridge an unused railroad span over the to blow up the Luzerne County Children and Youth Services building on North Pennsylvania Avenue Tina Marie Billotti 42 of East Main
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