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Daniel Caesar is back with surprise new album featuring Brandy, Pharrell, more

Toronto R&B singer Daniel Caesar is back with a surprise followup album, Case Study 01, featuring even larger names than his highly collaborative debut album, Freudian. Lead single "Love Again" is a duet with Brandy, while Pharrell Williams, John Mayer …Read more

Daniel Caesar Shares CASE STUDY 01 Album In Surprise Release

Caesar enters a realm of a more electric and beat-heavy sound with these new 10 songs As with most of his discography the lyrics in the album continue muses on Too Deep To Turn Back On Frontal Lobe Muzik featuring Pharrell Caesar sings about
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Daniel Caesars back with a surprise new album featuring Brandy Pharrell more

Daniel Caesar s debut album Freudian won the singer a Grammy earlier this year for the track Best Part with HER Getty Images for Spotify Toronto RB singer Daniel Caesar is back with a surprise followup album Case Study 01 featuring even
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Stream Daniel Caesars New Album CASE STUDY 01 Featuring Pharrell Brandy More

On Wednesday June 26th Daniel Caesar dropped a mysterious clip on his Instagram and Twitter In the caption Caesar wrote 062819 It was clear Daniel Caesar was coming with new music
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It Will Take More Than a Brandy Feature to Forget Daniel Caesars Dumb Misstep

Crafting a flawless debut album is no easy feat but Daniel Caesar came pretty close The album taps features from guests like John Mayer and Pharrell but LOVE AGAIN finds Caesar singing opposite Brandy which is enough to make any fan of 90s R
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Review Daniel Caesar is still figuring things out on Case Study 01

When he was on the cover of NOW in 2017 Daniel Caesar Now on his surprise-release sophomore album hes got some pretty major collaborators in Pharrell John Mayer and Brandy
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On Freudian Daniel Caesar Baits Us Back Into Savoring The Tender Bits Of Love

Toronto singer Daniel Caesar brings after his last album Oxnard singerproducerdrummerentertainer extraordinaire Anderson Paak is back with Ventura his fourth studio LP Depending on who you ask the new project is either a surprise second course
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