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Culture of marriage needed

Culture of marriage needed … Pirola said the conference aimed at gathering leaders who wish to be part of promoting a culture of Catholic marriage.Read more

Foreign marriage in Egypt

What you don't know about marriage | Jenna McCarthy

Women, face it: marriage can never be feminist – Julie Bindel | Comment is Free

This Traditional Indian Wedding Is Insanely Beautiful | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

Changing a Culture of Rejection

The expansion of all these social program budgets is directly linked to the breakdown in marriage Changing this will require a huge amount of work We need to set about restoring the conditions that will again grow a culture of belonging with all the
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Nigerian culture Interesting facts about Ijaw traditional marriage rites

In the Ijaw culture this is known as Ware ogiga gbolo which A list is then given to the groom containing what he is required to bring for the traditional marriage rite This is where it gets interesting Many Nigerian traditional wedding requirements
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4 Lies Culture Tells Us about Living Together before Marriage

You dont need to share a home to make that decision Cultures Big Lie 3 Cohabitation is a smart way to test out whether you would survive marriage If you make me feel loved then Ill marry you If you satisfy me sexually then I
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We have to stop blaming backward culture for FGM and child marriage

Campaigns to end female genital mutilation FGM and child marriage have received renewed support as a white womans burden whereby African girls need to be rescued from backward culture Though not all communities in Africa practice
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Does Same-Sex Marriage Spell the End of LGBT Community

marriage will mean the end of gay culture as we know it Married and unmarried participants alike articulated a pervasive feeling that having access to legal marriage had greatly diminished the sense of need that had fueled organized LGBQ community
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Restoring the Marriage Ecosystem

There is no one thing killing marriage Instead a dizzying array of economic social and cultural causes are intersecting with peoples free choices Conservatives in particular need to recognize the role that economics has played in marriages
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