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Culture and tradition must be included in ocean science

Pacific culture he says is the biggest regional theme to unify the science to save the world's oceans. A recent UN report noted that the world's oceans …Read more

A universe of songs and stories by Davis Bates

FITCHBURG Hear how stars came to be in the sky how foam came to be in the ocean and be prepared to sing this program will involve the audience in a variety of cultural traditions and encourages listeners to remember and tell stories from
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Smithsonian Channel Exclusively Investigates the Truth Behind the Tragic Sinking in Hunt for Eagle 56

with the unmatched resources and rich traditions of the Smithsonian Institution to create programming that shines new light on popular genres such as air and space travel history science nature and pop culture Among the networks offerings are series
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German Culture Facts Customs and Traditions

Time therefore is managed carefully and calendars schedules and agendas must be respected told Live Science Germans have made tremendous contributions to classical music and the traditions of famous German or Austrian composers such as Johann
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The Fight for Mauna Kea Is a Fight Against Colonial Science

Science and culture have long coexisted in Hawaii Ecohydrologist Indeed far from some replay of an ancient clash between tradition and modernity this is a battle between the old ways of doing science which rely on forceful extraction
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Why We Love Traditions According To Science

We love tradition because of who we are as a species and how weve evolved to survive trouble and because of this traditions have to include a set of certain ingredients it means that two potent ingredients must combine in order to make a tradition
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Bloomingdales Continues Its Retail-Is-Theater Tradition With The Rotating Popup Carousel Concept

It made Bloomingdales a must-see and must-visit-often destination for New Yorkers Fast forward to today and Bloomingdales continues its retail-is-theater tradition Over the past year Bloomingdales flagship store has undergone a top-to
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