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Culture and Education

BACKGROUND/HISTORY AND CONTEXT OF THE WORKSHOP The rise of prediction as a paradigm for analysis and governance is one of the key …Read more

Heres whats missing in music education Cultural and social relevance

Lee Whitmore is executive director of the GRAMMY Music Education Coalition a nonprofit collective dedicated to expanding music education in elementary and secondary schools A former music teacher who says he was trained in the traditional American way
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Inquiry Into Student Learning Gaps Leads To Better Teaching And Shifts School Culture

Sponsored The success of the New Dorp program led New York City education leaders to implement a similar program That process provides the beginning of a culture shift on staff It can take all semester to drill down enough to find the high-level
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Santa Clara County fair Agriculture rides music culture and nightly fireworks

Fridays also Education Day with free admission for kids 12 and under from noon to 4 pm so they can explore the exhibits and interactive fun Other highlights include a set of 15 city-specific murals nightly concerts on the new concert green that are
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Gov Baker approves FY20 budget and New Bedford scores big time

Under this budget plan New Bedford will receive 159830964 in Chapter 70 education funding Bedford to provide funding to increase local childrens access to arts culture and recreation youth violence prevention peer support and mental health
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Candidates in District 36 special election prioritize education health care

In the District 36 election voters guide Hood describes education economic development daily reporting and analysis on news politics culture and food in Arkansas
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Ras G Hip-Hop Producer and Force in LA Music Scene Dies at 40

He proudly proclaimed his debt to Sun Ra the jazz bandleader and Afrofuturist pioneer whose message of cultural revolution found new voice Though he received little formal musical education he was obsessed with music from early on
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