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Afrofuturism. Afrofuturism is a cultural and activist movement. It fights for black people's right to a place in the future that has traditionally been defined …Read more

Culture Amp chief inspired by wife

We thought if we can use software to make those ideas accessible we could make a difference A lot of the core ideas Culture Amp was based upon came from me talking to Grets and listening to her Founded in 2009 Culture Amp has become one of the
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YOL Announces Mindful Leadership Cohort Initiative at Culture First

The offering announced at Culture Amps Culture First event Too often leadership training sessions have the right ideas but dont go deep enough into building experiences that shape leaders in lasting ways says Zanette Johnson PhD YOL
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How culture influences childrens development

Every home and household practices amp follows a certain culture A status quo of behavior Kartiks writing offers ideas suggestions thoughts and insights into searching for a deeper
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How Mary Ramos Brought 1969 to Life for Quentin Tarantino

In 1969 America found itself at the crossroads between the carefree love movement and the gripping gruesome Manson murders in Hollywood cowboy films fell from dominance giving way to the height of hippie culture had different ideas about what
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Fosun Launches Fourth Edition of Its Acceleration Program Protechting

LISBON Portugal Fosun and its portfolio companies Fidelidade Luz Saude and Hauck amp foster a culture of innovation acceptance and development enabling access to important resources for the evolution and materialization of business ideas
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Canva Airwallex and Culture Amp lead Aussie startups to record US123 billion in venture capital investment this financial year

A US70 million raise by graphic design website Canva and US 40 million raise by employee feedback platform Culture Amp helped propell Australia to its record year It has been a good financial year for Aussie startups Venture Pulse KPMGs quarterly
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