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Cultivating ties through culture

CRADLE to one of the world's ancient civilizations, the Islamic Republic of Iran's rich cultural traditions have endured the passage of time, particularly …Read more

The ties that bind Cultivating lasting relationships

With a history thats 168-years strong this year BPI celebrates a longstanding tradition of cultivating a culture of lasting relationships with its clients As the brand continues to keep up with the times through constant innovations it never forgets
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Cultivating corrupt ties in post-Mao China

associated with audit culture as an example of a procedure that prompts corrupt behavior In order to guard against competition and garner the protection of a powerful official businesspeople sought to establish guanxi tiesa system of symbiotic
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Reasons for cultivating the arts and culture

They revitalize cities not through their bottom-line but through their social role The arts build ties that bind neighbor-to-neighbor 6 In short cultivating the arts and culture could very well lead to advances in the social and economic lives
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Three keys to cultivating an effective product development culture

Over time teams move quickly learn together get through iteration cycles effortlessly Nobody has 100 hit rate and nobody can predict the future with complete certainty In a culture of good decision-making the goal isnt to get any single
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Hagel pushes US military ties with Chinas neighbour Mongolia

Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel Thursday endorsed stronger military ties through joint training and assistance The document is mostly symbolic but is likely to irritate Beijing which has accused Washington of trying to hold back its rise by cultivating
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In Iraqs Kurdish Zone Israelis and Long-Hidden Jews See Hope for Revived Ties

Today many Iraqi Jews cling to their unique culture and traditions in Israel On the contrary they were their friends Ties with Israel ran deep and began when Mustafa Barzani sent emissaries to Israel through Europe and told us Kurds like Jews
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